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The Endless Orchard

In Los Angeles artists are thinking bigger, more productive edges. The Endless Orchard is a collaborative movement of citizens transforming their own neighborhoods. The project relies on those who know a city best – the people who live there – to envision what their own neighborhood would be like with the addition of trees bearing fruit, knitted together with other neighborhoods by pathways of apples, peaches, apricots and pears.Fallen Fruit_ Fruit Hands

autumn fruit fest

We very much enjoyed the autumn foraging event. 30 people braved the wet weather to pick sloes, wild pears, blackberries, hawthorn berries, rose hips, rowan berries, crab apples and yarrow in our guided foraging tour around Hilperton. Back at the Hilperton village hall Matt and Jack from the Ethicurian improvised a wild berry syrup and Jack demonstrated The Bramble & Co cocktail amongst other treats. The recipe is on his Guardian page here.

Photos by John Le Brocq


AUTUMN Food and Drink from the hEdge

AUTUMN Food and Drink from the hEdge – 24th October 1-5pm – Hilperton Village Hall – FREE and family friendly.

This is the exciting follow up to our Spring event Food and Drink from the hEdge – come to AUTUMN Food and Drink on the 24th of October 2015 at Hilperton Village Hall. They’ll be some more exciting foraging discoveries for all of us with Matt and Jack back from the Ethicurian for an exploration of what autumn can offer the forager around Hilperton.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the foraging and event with the Ethicurean crew. It was a great success and I look forward to hearing a date for the next one.”

hEdge and Field Edge Foraging

24/10/15 – 1pm – 2-30pm

Guided 90 minute walk looking at safe foraged foods and herbs around Hilperton, taking in the natural flora and fauna of the area. Especially looking at autumn berries and fruit – things that might be found would be crab apples, sloes, rowan berries or maybe even plums.

hEdge Cocktails and Cordials

24/10/15 – 3-30pm – 5-00pm

Autumn style this time  – learn how to make your own hedge and field edge recipe cocktails and family-friendly cordials. There will be some hedgerow food to taste as well!

Join us to celebrate the hEdges project and the contribution to it by the local community. The day will also be the official launch of the installation of the new model sized stiles, gates and signs which will be going up soon around Southern Hilperton as a reminder for future generations of the value of living on the hEdge. Many of the field signs have been made using images from local people who generously sent in their photos of what is growing in Hilperton now, including children from the Mead Primary School (thank you !)


Food & Drink at the hEdge

On a glorious May bank holiday weekend around 30 people from Hilperton and Paxcroft Mead came together to enjoy our foraging and hedgerow cocktail making day. Starting off from the community centre the group only had to walk 100 yards into the local park in order to be guided by chef Matthew Pennington from the Ethicurian restaurant to their first finds. From the well-known – Nettles, Dandelions, Rose and Elderflower, to the less well known – Lady’s Smock, Ribwort Plantain and Ash keys, the resultant haul was taken back to the community centre to be sorted and eaten.

The end of the event was taken up with demonstrations by expert Jack Adair Bevan of hedgerow cocktails. Here Jack shows us a Pine Martinez made with English vermouth (The Collector), spruce pine gin and honey syrup.


hag / haga / gehaeg / hegge

Hedges themselves are aesthetic framings of pastures and livestock, crafted in regional styles and with a rich set of symbolic associations in folklore. The word hag, or witch, is said to derive from the belief that they could hedge-ride, crossing the borders between civilization and the wildwood (haga, gehaeg and hegge are Old English for hedge). Hedges are even political – from the 16th century onwards the prefix hedge referred to people of the lowest orders – hedge-doctors, hedge-lawyers and the hedge-schools of Ireland of the 18th century which kept alive Catholic teachings hidden from the Protestant ruling class. All this and more, by the way, is in Hugh Barker’s excellent book Hedge Britannia.

Event: Food and Drink from the hEdge 23/05/15

We’re all collectors in some way. It’s in our nature. Join award winning chef Matthew Pennington & award winning drinks maker Jack Adair Bevan from the Ethicurian (www.theethicurean.com) and reconnect to historic hedgerows that have provided free foodstuffs to us for centuries. This event is part of the hEdges art project (www.h-edges.org.uk) that is recreating and marking the unique hedgerow heritage of Hilperton and Paxcroft Mead. Find out more on the day…

Free but limited places and booking essential – click here to book:


hEdge and Field Edge Foraging

23/05/15 – 2pm – 4pm

Guided 90 minute walk looking at safe foraged foods and herbs around Hilperton, taking in the natural flora and fauna of the area. Attendees will be shown safe examples of common foraged foods and herbs. The folk lore of trees and shrubs will be identified as part of conversational question and answer. Common poisonous plants will be carefully identified where they bear any similarity to the common foraged food. Things that might be found would be Beech, Blackthorn, Wild Cherry, Norway and Sitka Spruce, Lofty Pine, Scotts Pine, Walnut, Rocket, Herb Robert, Rosebay Willowherb, Orache, Cob nut, Hazel and Pineapple Weed.

Maximum 30 people. Meet Paxcroft Mead Community Hall, 17 Hackett Place, Paxcroft Mead, BA14 7GW at 2pm. Clothing suitable for an outdoor field walk in British weather should be worn. Children welcome. Please bring a bag or basket for anything you might collect.

hEdge Cocktails and Cordials

23/05/15 – 5pm – 7pm

Learn how to make your own hedge and field edge cocktails and family-friendly cordials. Classic British hedgerow preparations and libations will be discussed and tasted. Attendees will be shown a simple method of preserving foraged flavour in a non-alcoholic cordial, taught about its storage and possible uses – adults will be able to make alcoholic versions. Everyone will be able to take home their own infusion. There will also be demonstrations of cocktails such as Beech/Hawthorn Leaf Noyau and Pine Martinez: a classic cocktail with a hedgerow twist (Lofty or Scots Pine infused gin, “The Collector” foraged Vermouth, honey and bitters). There will be some hedgerow food to taste as well !

Maximum 60 people. Location: Paxcroft Mead Community Hall, 17 Hackett Place, Paxcroft Mead, BA14 7GW. Children welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. Adults will need to bring your own alcohol if you want to make an alcoholic infusion and take it away with you, instructions will be sent to you closer to the time about what to bring.



Competition deadline extended

Over the hEdge Photo competition deadline extended to 19.04.15

We had a few problems getting people to enter our photo competition (except the fantastic Mortimers – thank you) so we have extended the deadline to the 19th April 2015. So get snapping pictures of things growing in your house or garden for a chance to win £100 in vouchers !

One of the first fabulous entries  - by George Mortimer

One of the first fabulous entries – by George Mortimer


Blackberry time

It’s a bumper year for blackberries and we had our first blackberry and apple pie a few weeks ago. Our two first new hedgerow recipes are a great new takes on this most popular of hedgerow harvests – Blackberry Curuaco from Jean and Blackberry Muffins from Melissa (who has also promised us her recipe for Blackberry Ketchup!). Check them out on the Recipes page.

Melissa's Blackberry Muffins

Melissa’s Blackberry Muffins


@ Hilperton Flower and Veg Show

It was great to see a good turn out for the Hilperton Village Flower and Veg show and meet so many enthusiastic onion growers, jam makers and even nurturers of comedy vegetables. Well done to all and thanks to Radio Wiltshire for the feature on the hEdges as part of Marie Lennon’s show Wild about Wiltshire.

Starting the hedge fund

Starting the hedge fund

Gnomes wait for the crowds to show up

Gnomes wait for the crowds to show up

Moon Light, Cheeseland, Shoulder of Mutton and Frying Pan

Find all these places and more on our new hEdge maps of Hilperton and Paxcroft

…Brandy Leaze, Doggett’s Bush, Wicket Ground, Pretty Leaze, Cobbers, Poor Close, In Little Pinch, Hanging Ground, Sexly’s Ground, Bell Lands, Buckles Balls…

Fields of Western Hilperton

Fields of Western Hilperton

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